Alternative CVs to land SAP Contracts

The shift into the digital age has been catapulted forward due to the pandemic. Now, as well as uploading your CV or sending it via email, there are alternative methods of showcasing yourself online. Printing off your CV and sending it out in the hopes of a reply is a thing of the past. SAP jobs are out there, and you can find them online. 

Let’s look at the new approaches and how you can make them work for you. 

Update your current SAP CV

An SAP hiring manager simply does not have the time to read every single word of your CV, so you need to make it stand out. But what’s wrong with a traditional CV? Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with a traditional CV. They are the standard starting point for most jobs and will often be the first thing your new employer will see of you. Your background and qualifications are an essential part of your CV, but now employers are looking for the skills you have and how they match the job description.

In a saturated job market, the focus is shifting. Companies want to learn about your skills and how you will bring them to the role. Taking a skills-first approach with your CV will give hiring managers the best chance of scanning your CV and putting you in the ‘Yes’ pile. 

Think outside of the box

SAP roles can receive hundreds of applications, so the competition is out there. You should consider new ways to present yourself. Think outside of the box. There are plenty of platforms available to do this including your own website, YouTube, TikTok and LinkedIn where you can get even more creative. You can show off your skills virtually including examples of your work, create videos, and testimonials rather than limiting yourself to a printed CV. Now is great time to get involved with TikTok as it is an expanding platform with millions of users where you can get yourself noticed for the right reasons. 

Speaking of LinkedIn…

Don’t underestimate the importance of a LinkedIn profile in the SAP world. It can be a conversation starter, network builder and career booster. Make sure you have an up to date and appropriate profile photo and an engaging profile page. Ask colleagues to write recommendations and get involved with relevant SAP professionals. Start posting regular relevant content now so your page has lots of interesting content for recruiters to look at when you apply for your dream role in SAP. 

Check the relevance of your SAP CV

Only include your most relevant and recent experience. While your paper round when you were a teenager may have built your confidence and time management skills, the recruiter doesn’t need to know about it. This will take up valuable space on your SAP CV.  It needs to be streamlined and concise. 

  • Include your SAP skills and provide examples
  • Add your SAP experience including job title and employer
  • Choose specific keywords from the job description to help you bypass automation software

Be prepared for assessments

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of job-specific assessments being seen during interviews. They are designed to help select the most suitable candidate and remove unconscious bias by using technology to conduct the assessments. These assessments can be:

  • Social tasks to assess how you will fit with the company culture
  • Team building exercises
  • Tests of patience and ability to follow instructions
  • Tasks related to the SAP job role specifically 

It really can be anything, and often these weird and wonderful assessments really do bring out the best in people, which is what recruiters can’t discover from a few sheets of A4. 

Your CV should be tailored to the job you are applying for, but if you want to know the best way to approach a specific job role, get in touch with our experienced team who will explore all the options with you to help you achieve your SAP career goals.