Writing the Perfect SAP CV

With the SAP field becoming more popular and competitive, it is more important than ever to create a CV that stands out. A poor CV will not make it past the first hurdle in SAP recruitment. Spelling, grammar and layout all play a part in ensuring you are invited in for an interview. To help you get noticed, take a look at our top tips for writing the perfect SAP CV: 

Keep it concise

In the first step of selection,  it’s likely that your internal recruiter or recruitment consultant won’t be able to read every word of every application they receive, so keep it concise.

While you may have a wealth of relevant experience and qualifications, it’s a good idea to write a draft and then trim it down. Add in SAP keywords from the job description throughout to grab the reader’s attention. Sometimes your CV may be filtered through an AI system and keywords will highlight your CV. 

Choose the right layout

The layout of your CV needs to make the most important parts stand out. 2 -3 pages is usually enough especially if it is printed front and back. Keep the layout of your SAP CV simple and choose a neutral or plain design. Choose a professional and legible font in black and don’t use Italics and bold. 

Add your Content 

Once you have your layout, it’s time to add the content. Your expertise and suitability for that specific role are what the recruiters will be drawn to so make that the focal point of your SAP CV. You should also include:

  • Education 
  • Career history
  • Key skills 
  • References

Once you have completed your SAP CV, save it as a document with an appropriate title. Give it to a friend to check for errors and effectiveness before you finalise your CV. It can then be tailored and adapted to each role, to ensure you show the recruiters you have studied the job vacancy and understand the role. 

Don’t forget the basics

It may sound obvious, but when you’re focusing on getting the content right, sometimes you can miss the essential elements of a CV, mistype your information, or make spelling mistakes. Making an error in your phone or email address can make the difference between you getting an interview or not. Double-check that all the information is correct and current, so you don’t miss any important calls or emails. 

Make sure you include:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Current Address
  • LinkedIn Profile (but only if it’s up to date and relevant)
  • Languages spoken
  • Travel availability

We hope these tips have given you a starting point to create the perfect Sap CV. For more helpful tips you can get in touch with our team who can help streamline your CV and find the best SAP jobs for you.