Upskilling Yourself in S/4HANA

When S/4HANA was introduced in 2015, it caused quite a stir in the SAP world. It was a complete rewrite of previous software and took some getting used to for consultants and organisations. Seven years later, S/4HANA consultants are highly sought after. The roles are available, and organisations need talented and skilled consultants to fill them.

But there’s no quick fix or bitesize course that will catch you up to speed or make you a S/4HANA expert overnight. You’ll have to put in time and effort to gain the skills you need. But we’re confident that our tips will help save you time and money and ensure you aren’t left behind.

If you need to upskill, here are a few ideas to get started. 

Invest in formal training

The most direct and obvious route is to complete formal S/4HANA training. The Open SAP and SAP training websites list all the courses available and most offer flexible study. Enrolling in S/4HANA courses will give you a great starting point and by getting certified, you back up your knowledge when applying for roles. At the very least, the introductory courses provide a good overview of S/4HANA and highlight the changes from previous systems such as ERP 6.0. 

Do your research

There is an abundance of blogs, discussions, eBooks, and websites available to expand your knowledge. The SAP help portal is a great starting point and provides downloadable content on specific areas of SAP so you can focus on what you’re searching for. As with all research, make sure to check your sources and cross-reference with other trustworthy documents to ensure you have the most valid and valuable information. 

Utilise LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource for SAP jobs, updates, and information. Take a few minutes to browse with your SAP head and try these easy tips:

  • Search for SAP jobs and study the job description
  • Join SAP groups (the SAP community group has almost 500,000 members)
  • Connect with other SAP consultants
  • Find related articles and blogs 

Search for SAP jobs

To upskill in S/4HANA, you first need to know what level you’re currently at. If you’re suddenly hearing words you don’t understand in the SAP community, checking recent job descriptions can help. Reading SAP job descriptions from various organisations will give you a clear indication of what recruiters are looking for. Ask yourself honestly, ‘What am I competent in and where do I need to improve?’. This is a good tip to check where your skills need to grow, so you can nail your next SAP interview.  

SAP Press Books

If you decide on your functional speciality, purchasing an SAP Press book in that area is a great investment. Even the E-books are pricey, but they are a great resource for specific knowledge and give you a reliable resource to refer to as you learn.

You should now have a springboard to get you on your way to S/4HANA expertise. The Nicholas Bernard team are experts in SAP recruitment, so we are on hand to help. If you need any further guidance with your S/4HANA journey, you can get in touch or see our latest SAP roles here.