SAP Consultants: Building Your Personal Brand

Whether you’re a seasoned SAP Contractor or just moving into the space, personal branding and being known in the industry is key to landing some of the most exciting contracts and having opportunities come to you. In this blog, we share three actionable steps you can take to improve your personal brand and become a known “go-to” in your specialism. 

Your Online Presence 

With Social Media being such an important part of everyday life, it’s almost inevitable that your potential new client or employer will want to take a peek at your profiles before making a hire. And this is well within their rights. 

Social Media is categorised as ‘in the public domain’, therefore a potential employer can have a look at your digital footprint without question – making it crucial to think about what you’ve shared online, and how to ensure potential clients only see what you want them to: 

  1. Revisit any Privacy Settings on your personal Social Media (i.e. your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and ensure nothing inappropriate is visible to any potential client or employer.
  2. With Linkedin being a professional networking site, it’s important to make sure these settings aren’t too private. You want to ensure that you are searchable so that potential employers are able to find you. TOP TIP: you can even change your URL to represent who you are. For example, if you’re an SAP FICO Consultant, your LinkedIn URL could be changed to /ahmed–sap-fico-consultant. This will make your profile searchable even on search engines.
  3. Spend time reviewing your current Social Profiles and optimizing them for your job search.

Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is becoming increasingly important in hiring. With the internet offering many different ways to share your expertise, many SAP consultants are writing blogs, starting their own podcasts (or appearing on podcasts), and joining forums in order to showcase their expertise to a wider audience.

Build Your Network

Within the SAP community, it’s important to make meaningful connections to build a strong reputation and network. This will help you to build a pool of potential clients to work with, or receive referrals to other companies. 

To conclude, if you’re looking for support landing your next SAP Contract, you can contact a member of the Nicholas Bernard team. We work with clients across the globe to hire consultants to join their implementations.