SAP Consultant Interview Questions

During the pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of high-quality SAP professionals. For employers, this means a bigger pool of talent to choose from, which is great. It also means that it’s now more difficult to find the best candidate for you. 

The interview is your chance as an employer to ask the right questions and get to know the candidate. The questions you at the SAP interviewee are the best opportunity to reduce the risk of poor recruitment choices and make sure you hire the most talented people. 

By fine-tuning your interview questions, you can conduct a tailored interview that allows the best talent to shine through. Here are the best interview questions to ask an SAP interviewee:

Before you get started

Before we get into the questions, there’s some work to do. To attract the best candidates, you need to make sure you have an attractive offer. Before you decide to hire an SAP professional, take time to understand what your business needs to receive high-quality applications from interview-worthy people. Benefits, salary, culture, and role expectations are all key to establishing a clear channel of communication on both sides. 

  • Be clear about who it is you’re looking for
  • Create a transparent and well-written job description 
  • Post it on the most appropriate platforms. You can view our vacancies here
  • Choose a diverse interview panel
  • Understand which specific qualities, experience, and qualifications are needed
  • Choose a fair and standardised scoring system

What’s their knowledge base?

Most SAP contractors are expected to hit the ground running in a busy environment, so a strong SAP knowledge base is essential. Here are some questions to give you an idea of their skills:

  • How would you explain SAP to an alien? 
  • What is your experience with ‘X’ module?
  • What do you think the future of SAP is heading? 

Discuss their experience

A knowledgeable and experienced SAP professional will be a key asset to your business. Take information from their CV and ask them to expand on their point and give examples from previous experience. 

  • Tell me more about working on ‘X’ project
  • When was the last time you worked on something similar to project ‘X’?
  • Which of your previous projects did you enjoy most and why?

Are they the right fit?

More than ever, a company’s culture is a central focus when candidates are searching for new roles. In a report by Glassdoor, 77% of respondents said they would consider a company’s culture before applying. While experience and competence are key, it’s also important to ensure they are the right fit for your company. To find out, you can ask questions that are specific to your company culture and use their response as an indicator.

  • How do you like to celebrate success at work?
  • Have you had to deal with conflict in your previous role? How did you deal with this?
  • We are currently struggling with ‘X’, do you have any ideas or solutions? 

These are just a few prompts to help you get the most from your interviews. If you need any more information about recruiting your next SAP team member, get in touch with the Nicholas Bernard team.