6 Ways to Optimise Your LinkedIn to find your next SAP Contract

If you’re looking for your first SAP contract or want to grow your career in a new role, try using your LinkedIn profile to grab the attention of SAP hiring managers and recruiters using our 6 optimisation tips below. 

Update your LinkedIn ‘about’ section

Recruiters and managers don’t read every single line on your CV. They simply don’t have time. The same applies to your LinkedIn profile. According to Jobscan, around 72% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find out more about job candidates by searching their LinkedIn profiles. By using LinkedIn effectively, you can make sure your application stands out. 

  • Use keywords like S/4HANA, cloud and ERP 
  • Add words such as consultant, expert, manager, tester to clearly show your skill and experience level
  • Showcase your SAP knowledge
  • Highlight your specialist area

Ask for recommendations

Getting at least 3 recommendations will really boost your profile. It validates your skills and gives SAP managers confidence that your skills and experience have been proven. It helps to be SAP-related, but any LinkedIn recommendations are a good thing. You can ask people for recommendations by clicking the button next to the recommendations section. 

Make the most of your headline 

The headline is found directly under your name on your profile. It’s your chance to sum up what you’re here for. When you post on LinkedIn, the headline will appear underneath your name and more importantly, it will give people an insight into what you do when you are networking or commenting on other users’ posts. Use keywords and be specific You have 220 characters (with spaces) to make SAP leaders take notice and click on your profile to find out more. 

A profile picture says a thousand words

Think about what a potential employee would want to see. What image of yourself do you want to portray? Try to inject a little personality in there if you can but keep your audience in mind. Trust us, we’ve seen enough profiles over the years to know what works and what doesn’t. Including wedding photos, blurry selfies, and group photos from parties – honestly! 

  • Choose a simple background
  • Smart and plain clothing (Think about how you would dress for an interview)
  • Be the only person in the photo
  • Use good lighting
  • Ensure your face is clearly visible 
  • Use a high-resolution image. Professional photos are best, but smartphones are more than capable. 
  • Use filters cautiously 

Add your job title

Adding your current job title will allow potential employers to search for you more easily. There is also the new ‘Open to work’ feature that you can add to your profile – just be mindful of current employers who may see it. Even if you aren’t working right now, add the keywords of the job you are looking for into your job title, headline, and profile as much as possible. Think of it as a google search. The most relevant websites always appear at the top. 

Add your current location

Adding your current location not only makes you more searchable, but also will highlight roles that are close to you. It’s important to note that as well as talent and suitability, SAP managers are likely to only consider candidates who are likely to accept the role. If you are willing to relocate, add this to your profile so it is clear to SAP recruiters. 

We’re SAP recruitment experts, so we know our fair share about what employers are looking for. You can see our current roles here or get in touch if you need any further information. We’d love to help you with your SAP journey.