5 Tips to Land SAP Leadership Contracts

Landing SAP leadership contracts. That’s the dream, right? You have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to land the contracts, but first, you need to find one. To do that, you need to be at the top of your SAP game.

As a leader, you will know what works and what doesn’t throughout the project journey. A successful project has great planning and procedure, but most importantly, great people.

Here are 5 Tips to land SAP leadership contracts:

Always Track your Progress

SAP means spinning a lot of plates and they need to be monitored constantly. Deadlines create a sense of urgency and keep the tempo high, but progress also needs to be realistic and manageable. Measurable progress is essential when meeting tight deadlines. Tools like the Solution Manager Readiness Dashboard will provide all your progress in one place for everyone to see. Familiarise your team with your progress tracking early so it becomes routine. If progress is slow in a certain area, ask how your team are doing. What can you do as a leader? Make sure individuals aren’t struggling or spinning too many of those plates.

Make the most of the Interview

To land SAP leadership contracts, you need the best team. Interviews are a two-way street. Prepare an interview process that gives you the best representation of what it would be like to work together. Ask the right questions to see if they will be a good fit for your current projects and future goals. What does your project bring to the table? You need dedicated problem-solvers that will add that extra something that every SAP team needs.

Be an effective leader
Often SAP is so focused on project management, it forgets about the importance of leadership. Guide your SAP team to successful project deliverance by teaching others in the best way you can. Be visible and do some of the heavy lifting, your team will thank you for it.

Make the most of SAP application tools
Don’t do other people’s work for them
Make confident and informed decisions
Let your team know you have their back
Set firm deadlines early and share them with the whole team
Have regular meetings and don’t be afraid to mix it up with something social, like a meal out with clients

Manage Conflict

Conflict can come from all angles. It can stem from difficult clients, suppliers, stressful deadlines, and sometimes even within your team. The key is to manage this directly – and quickly. SAP can be a stressful world and the last thing anyone needs is extra issues that could impact the project.

Respond to the problems, not to the people personally
Take a break
Be aware that clients may not be familiar with the SAP world
Manage expectations from the beginning
Create clear boundaries
All people will not get along all the time, and that’s OK.

Effective SAP Project Structure

Without a proper structure, your project will be doomed from the start. Learn from previous projects and take ideas from your team to take on each project with gumption and confidence. Timeline, templates, instructions, and deadlines need to be communicated early to all parties as well as milestones to meet along the way. SAP Solution Manager can help get things moving and visualize all the moving parts. There will be tough decisions to be made to keep the project moving forward and as a leader, it is your responsibility to make them and keep steering the project in the right direction.

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